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The NAFEPA Conference

NAFEPA's annual conference in Washington DC involves hundreds of educators who work with federal education programs at the district and state levels. In their states, NAFEPA members play key roles as planners and organizers of their state and regional training opportunities, they work with their state legislators and state departments of public instruction on education issues and decisions, and they are the people in the trenches of local education who advocate the strongest for students. The NAFEPA conference provides an opportunity for NAFEPA members to bring a strong unified voice to Washington DC. This voice can be shared with other local and state federal program administrators and those in Congress, Capitol Hill, and the educational marketplace. The conference provides a venue for the primary goal for NAFEPA- to continually work toward the improvement of academic achievement for all students.

NAFEPA provides a number of opportunities for members to develop their capacity to understand the complexities of federal education programs.

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