2024 NAFEPA State Leadership Recipients

2024 NAFEPA Recognizes State Leadership Recipients

March 25, 2024

The National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators (NAFEPA) is proud to announce its 2024 State Leadership Recipients. These awards are in recognition of service for outstanding dedication and commitment to serving NAFEPA, federal educational programs, and most importantly, our children. Each recipient’s name is listed below. Your employee was recognized and/or received his/her award at the NAFEPA 2024 National Conference that took place in Washington, DC on March 18-20, 2024.


Hector Baeza, Alabama
Kristen Dial, Alabama
Kimberly Glass, Arkansas
Christine Harrell, Arkansas
Carrie Lopes, California
Joshua Strong, California
Maya Aldas, Delaware
Dr. Chrishaun Fitzgerald, Delaware
Kimberly G. Price, Delaware
Sherree Alvarez, Florida
Andrew Baldwin, Florida
Daniel J. Keane II, Florida
Mari “Miki” Presley, Florida

Natalie Hutchins, Georgia
Phyllis Landry, Louisiana
Melonie R. Wallace, Louisiana
Jesse Winston Jr., Louisiana
Paul Bavuso, Massachusetts
Karen Gelardi, Michigan
Elizabeth Jensen, Michigan
Karensa Smith, Michigan
Al Thomas, Michigan
Tonya Bolton, Mississippi
Christopher Conwill, Mississippi
Eileen Dowsing, Mississippi
Dr. Judy K. Nelson, Mississippi

Brendsha A. Roby, Mississippi
Amber L. Reid, Nevada
Shelly Stamp, Nevada
Claire Keller, New Jersey
Dr. Celeste L. Merriweather, New
Dr. Anthony C. Wright, New Jersey
Laura Dills, North Carolina
Susan D. Pardee, Ohio
Leslie Bloss, South Carolina
Dr. Sandra Lindsay-Brown, South
Jeanie Glover, South Carolina
Dr. Gregory D. King, South Carolina

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