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2021 Conference Invited Guest

Pre-Conference Sessions

New Directors
Celeste Merriweather & Leticia Roman

Developing a Comprehensive Needs Assessment
Lesli Laughter

ESSA Updates
Steve Spillan, Brustein and Manasevit Law Firm

General Session Presenters

Tiffany Kesslar, Partner  (Confirmed)
Brustein and Manasevit Law Firm

Luis Cruz
"Transforming School Culture"

Jo Gusman (Confirmed)
"Foundation-Frameworks-Tools: A Step-by-Step Plan for Accelerating English Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement in Reading of Your English Learners" 

David DeShryver & Doug Mesecar  (Confirmed)
Editors of The NAFEPA Connection

Noelle Ellerson Ng (Confirmed)
Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy, AASA

Keith Cummins (Confirmed)
Office of Inspector General, United States Department of Education

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