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2021 Conference Invited Guest


Pre-Conference Sessions
New Directors: Celeste Merriweather & Leticia Roman

Not So New Directors:

Developing a Comprehensive Needs Assessment: Leslie Laughter

ESSA Updates: Steve Spillan, Brustein and Manasevit Law Firm


General Session Presenters 

Tiffany Kesslar, Partner, Brustein and Manasevit Law Firm (Confirmed)

Luis Cruz, "Transforming School Culture"

Jo Gusman "Foundation-Frameworks-Tools:  A Step-by-Step Plan for Accelerating English Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement in Reading of Your English Learners" (Confirmed)

David DeShryver & Doug Mesecar, Editors of The NAFEPA Connection (Confirmed)

Noelle Ellerson Ng, Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy, AASA (Confirmed)

Keith Cummins, Office of Inspector General, United States Department of Education (Confirmed)



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